Recently I came across this website: The Scribbled Stories.

They publish content from all writers irrespective of age, skill level, etc. And they accept stories, microtales, snippets & musings. Some of their posts are really good. So, it might be worth your time to give them a look, a quick one at the very least. They are also on Facebook, Instagram, etc. So you can pick your poison. 🙂

Their format and posts stirred me into action, and I’ll be submitting some content to their site. Not sure if it’s good enough or not for them to publish, but since I’m writing that stuff anyway, I thought I’ll share those posts here as well.

So get ready to see some more posts from me. Hopefully, I’ll continue to keep writing and posting at a higher frequency than I have been. And hopefully, you will like it too. 🙂


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